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Vegetarian Recipes

Nigella's delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes.  From Tomato Curry with coconut rice to a variety of other tasty vegetarian recipes.

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

This is a fabulous sidedish with a plain roast or piece of meat or fish, but is good enough to be relished alone, even for those who…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4

I don't suppose this is ever going to win plaudits from the World Health Organisation, but a cheese fondue is surely the stuff of…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4 as part of a meal

I love the Japanese way of eating cold noodles: I just lift a bowl to my face, fork furiously and slurp. If you want to make these…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2

Liquorice is one of the signature tastes of Italy. As this is an ingredient that divides people viscerally, I've made it just for…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Yield approx. 750ml in total

I often give homemade chutneys to Italian friends when I visit, as I’m proud of our traditional recipes and know that an English…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

This is a real rib-sticker of a soup.Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 16, or thereabouts

I have mentioned my cookie-cutter collection elsewhere, and knowing of children's predilection for the grosser things in life, how…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4 as a main, 8 as a starter

I use frozen broccoli; actually, frozen organic broccoli, if that makes you feel better. In fact, this is better when made with frozen,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4

This is really a vegetarian take on that classic combination of charred, peeled peppers and anchovies. This pepper and feta combo,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 2 hearty bowlfuls

While you can make it with pesto from a jar, the difference when you use the "fresh" stuff in a tub that you can find in chiller cabinets…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

This tomato salad is all you need for a summer starter. What I do is take the tomatoes out into the garden, uncut, on a flat plate…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

This is one of my favourite salads.Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

As improbable as it might sound, this combination is utterly fantastic, both savoury and refreshing at the same time. You can pare…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

It is not quite normal to feel as joyous as I do when saying the words “Brussels sprouts”, but this recipe does not merely…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2-4

This is an almost instant, super soothing supper made easily from store cupboard ingredients. I have stipulated two tablespoons of…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 35-40 shortbreads

This is an Italian-inspired recipe that comes to me from Australia via Brazil. To explain: a Brazilian friend, and the best cook I…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

My not entirely orthodox way of turning out this otherwise classic dish of cream-softened potatoes has a lot going for it. Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

This recipe does involve a lot of fiddly preparation, but what it creates is addictive; every mouthful repays the effort a hundredfold.…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8-10

For many of us, this Thanksgiving stalwart is beyond untraditional. To a European reader, no doubt to any non-American reader, it…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8-10

Strictly speaking, I don't think of this as a casserole, but I know that this is the traditional nomenclature; and, besides, I do…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

This has many strings to its bow: it serves as a vegetarian alternative to the Holiday turkey; it gussies up a plate of cold leftover…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4

Some say, challenging more generally accepted ideas about the provenance, that tiramisu was invented in a casa chiusa (a house of…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2

This is Italian food before Tuscan rustic chic. The 'in carrozza' bit means 'in a carriage' and doesn't really explain what this golden-crusted…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes approx. 12 slices

This is somewhat of an Anglo-American enterprise. I have taken a pecan pie, and added other nuts, simply because for me, the English…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8-10

I’ve always roasted honeyed parsnips alongside a turkey but as a marker of the culinary special relationship celebrated at Christmas,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes approx. 20 generous slices

I’ve encountered quite a few versions of chocolate salame in Italy – coming to the conclusion that it’s really an…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4

I found this salad in a lovely little book - 'a memoir with recipes' - called Apricots on the Nile, by Colette Rossant. And although…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

I always make a large vat of these since they're lovely to pick at in the fridge. Plus, although they're easy to make, you do need…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2

Although this recipe does not itself issue from Italy, the inspiration is entirely Italian. One of my favourite things to eat is a…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2, or 1 in great need

Ever since I overcame my prejudices about buying pre-chopped fruit and veg, my cooking life has got a lot simpler. And you should…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes about 25 fritters

I know the word fritter conjures up a complex world of deep-frying and dense-eating, but these are light, simple babies - just grated…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

I can't remember why I call this my New Orleans coleslaw now (I've been making it, or a version of it, for so long), but I think it…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

Forgive the tweeness of the title, but this is a soup of such sunny, mood-enhancing yellowness that it overcomes even the most pervasively…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4 heartily

This is in one sense wholly un-Italian, and yet the inspiration for it is the traditional pasta alla Norma, which combines aubergines…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

For all that you need to clatter about with Springform tins and baking sheets, this is remarkably easy to make. I always seem to have…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

Greek salad is the sort of abominated fixture in the culinary canon which no appetite for retro-chic can make cool. Forget about all…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4

Not being a vegetarian, I have a rather indelicate lack of faith in meatless main courses; I worry all too readily about whether I's…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

A warming, welcoming pud full of seasonal spice that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. Truly a pudding to give thanks…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

Cooking potatoes for large numbers of people is not always easy. This gratin makes it so, not least because I don’t peel the…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

I don't think that Cauliflower Cheese exists as a comfort food staple outside of the UK, but it surely should, and why I gladly post…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 1

I’m not saying that New Year’s Day has to mean you have a hangover, but after that evening of almost-enforced carousing,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8-10

I confess: it was the title that lured me. Tell me you don’t feel the same. I came across this in a recipe by Elinor Klivans,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8-10

When I was a child, I don’t think fresh cranberries were ever seen in England. For me, cranberry sauce came out of a jar –…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

This is one of my proudest creations and, I suppose, a good example of a recipe that isn't originally from Italy, but sits uncontroversially…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8-12

There is something so magnificent about a whole pumpkin stuffed with jewelled rice, that it doesn’t really need too many side…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2

This is not only the best way to start the day, but the best way to end it, too. You can make it even more of a meal by serving some…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

Although I have called this incredible dip roquamole, I think it may be better made with a less illustrious bleu. St Agur out of a…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 20 rolls

You can griddle these aubergines, grill them or just blitz them in the heat of the barbecue: I really don't care. The point is this:…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 10-12

There is just something about home-made strawberry ice cream: it's the taste of blue skies, of sun on your shoulders; an idealised…Read on

Posted by The Gourmet Vegan      Serves 4-6

I love mash topped pies and bakes and this is one of the most incredibly delicious pies I have tasted. I wanted to use ingredients…Read on

Posted by Konstant Kraver      6

By the konstant kraver This sweet potato round with pecans and its sinful maple syrup glaze will have you licking your fingers it…Read on

Posted by blackpoppy      1

These little salad wraps can be wrapped in rice paper rolls or nori sheets. Usually I dont like the idea of only putting vegetables…Read on

Posted by blackpoppy      Serves 1

Recently I was in hospital and the food was pretty awful but they did do good mash and mashed swede and some cheesy egg flans. Since…Read on

Posted by Steph77      N/A

Nigella Thanks for your inspiring tips & tricks as well as the simple recipies for fantastic food! I have used your fudge chocolate-pistachio…Read on

     Serves 4

This stew is more substantial than the usual soup version of this recipe and is utterly delicious. Perfect at any time of day and…Read on

Posted by Meshkapesh      Serves 4 as a side

A traditional Gujarati style dish. Gujarat is a vegetarian region in India. My father's side of the family comes from there.Read on

Posted by The Gourmet Vegan      Serves 2-4

This is such a comforting dish and a must cook for any pasta lover. These delightful bean balls are so incredibly simple to make (they…Read on

Posted by sethyoung      Serves 8

This Middle-Eastern delight is a favourite of mine. It was made for me once by one of my Greek-Sudanese friends who made a Sudanese…Read on

Posted by FrancescafromItaly      Serves 4

Another recipe from my maternal grandmother!Read on

Posted by The Gourmet Vegan      Serves 2-4

Khoresh Loobia ( Green Bean Stew ) is one of Persia's most eaten dishes. This vegan version is absolutely incredible. It is, for sure,…Read on

Posted by The Gourmet Vegan      Serves 2

Each mouthful of this stew tastes like sunshine on your spoon. Amazing flavours and wonderful aromas that will have you believing…Read on

Posted by The Gourmet Vegan      Serves 2-4

Chermoula is a marinade or sauce that forms the basis of many Moroccan dishes. I have been thinking about how to use this for ages…Read on

Posted by Britt Jamar      Serves 2

This recipe is a golden one! I got it from a very dear friend of the family in Bologna. I gave it my own touch and filled many friends…Read on

Posted by charlie&henry's_mom      Serves dependent on size

I know you're thinking making fresh donuts is too much of a chore but these are truly worth it. It's not so much of a chore, really.…Read on

Posted by tasha_durbin      0

This recipe has been in my family for a while. I'm not sure where it originated. We have it every Thanksgiving and I fix it often…Read on

Posted by spacedog      2-4

A really delicious soup, which happens not to contain any added fat.Read on

Posted by kamorgan75      6 - 8

Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without this rich canberry dish. It's more than a sauce and is excellent the day after on turkey…Read on

Posted by Raha Lane      4-6

This is a great side dish to Thanksgiving turkey.Read on

Posted by annwip      Serves 1

This is a proper maincourse for vegetarians and extremely simple to prepare - takes 10 minutes, do it in advance, stick it in the…Read on

Posted by blackpoppy      1

Well I have no photo of this as I am temporarily without a camera or telephonic device. But basically it is a pudding that resembles…Read on

Posted by HannaBerlin      2

The minute I discovered that you can fry gnocchi I started using them as an instant carb hit for the times when all the peeling, chopping…Read on

Posted by HannaBerlin      2-4

While this is definitely health food it's also nourishing and incredibly tasty. It's made in fifteen minutes and out of ingredients…Read on

Posted by woaini64      Serves 8-10 (makes approximately 2 qu

These olives are wonderfully simple and so delicious! My family and friends request them for nearly every holiday and get-together.…Read on

Posted by franvama@libero.it      Makes 1 large glass jar

Perfect with roasted or boiled meat.Read on

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