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Christmas Ham Recipes

A tasty Christmas ham is a useful Christmas addition as it not only feeds the masses but is easy to prepare. Nigella's Ham in Coca-Cola is an innovative way to cook your Christmas ham or try the more traditional Ginger Glazed Ham.

Posted by Nigella      Makes 450ml / scant 2 cups

This chilli sauce is big – big flavour, big kick, big reward. The name, however, derives from the fact that the recipe was given…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Yield approx. 750ml in total

I often give homemade chutneys to Italian friends when I visit, as I’m proud of our traditional recipes and know that an English…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 10

You can adapt this freely, depending on the number of people you want to feed at the first sitting (I did this for 11 adults and 6…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

Only those who have never tried this raise an eyebrow at the idea. Don't hesitate, don't be anxious: this really works. No one who…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves approx. 8 people

I've used bottled peaches, I've used canned peaches, and it honestly doesn't matter which, but I'm afraid you have to resist the healthier…Read on

Posted by CatPoet      Serves as required

This is how we used to cure a ham in my house when I was young. I love it more then ready cured ham in the store.Read on

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