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Christmas Turkey Alternative Recipes

Whether you are looking to replace your Christmas turkey or are just searching for some inspiration for a Christmas brunch we have the perfect Christmas recipes. 

From a Boxing day Egg and Bacon Pie (although no need to save this for Boxing Day!) or the continental inspired Seafood Pot these simple Christmas turkey alternative recipes will help to ease the stress of Christmas catering. 

For even more ideas have a look at our Christmas ham recipes.

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

This recipe says it all. You need no more than a few minutes to load up a couple of freezer bags with ribs and chicken, oils and unguents…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

This makes for a very quick, warming and yet elegant supper. A fennel salad before or after would be lovely, but you need no more…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

This recipe comes from Beryl Scoffield, the mother of one of my oldest friends, and a woman with a reputation for her pies. It's also…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

It is not quite normal to feel as joyous as I do when saying the words “Brussels sprouts”, but this recipe does not merely…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 10

You can adapt this freely, depending on the number of people you want to feed at the first sitting (I did this for 11 adults and 6…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

Although this started off as a Christmas-time recipe, I have found that I cook it pretty much year round: the sweet squash is tangily…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

Only those who have never tried this raise an eyebrow at the idea. Don't hesitate, don't be anxious: this really works. No one who…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 12

I know it might sound a bit of a faff, but take it from me that stuffing a whole double breast joint is very much easier than stuffing…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8-12

There is something so magnificent about a whole pumpkin stuffed with jewelled rice, that it doesn’t really need too many side…Read on

Posted by gine67      Serves 4

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