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Tapioca - the Native Brazilian's Tortilla

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Encyclopedia Britannica a preparation of cassava-root (manioc) starch used as a food, in bread or as a thickening agent in liquid foods, notably puddings but also soups and juicy pies. In processing, heat ruptures the starch grains, converting them to small, irregular masses that are further baked into flake tapioca. A pellet form, known as pearl tapioca, is made by forcing the moist starch through sieves.

Tapioca is the brazilian natives "tortilla" similar. Tortilla (central americana's native) is made with corn, but Tapioca (or Beiju, or Biju) is made with manioc starch... toooooo easy and great. I like mine as DESSERT, with sweet fills (but you also can use anything as fill)


Serves: 0

  • 1½ cups manioc starch (cassava-root - the sweet not the sour starch)
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • 2 tablespoons coconut chips
  • dulce de leche (or any other sweet paste you like such as banana, coconut, guava pasta, peanut butter, jams, processed compotes etc)


Tapioca - the Native Brazilian's Tortilla is a community recipe submitted by Diamante and has not been tested by so we are not able to answer questions regarding this recipe.

  • Put in a plate the starch and with a spoon drop the coconut water over the starch, while with the other hand mix and break. The goal is to get humid flakes (not wet, but little humid)
  • Put a fry pan in fire, wait to get heat, Put the humid starch in a colander, smash with your hands over the hot fry pan, covering all surface, as falling snow. If you need, to get more cohesion as a pancake, drop a little more coconut water, ( BUT it is not liquid as pancake, it is dry ok?? like snow flakes)
  • As soon as formed the "cohesive disc" put the milk paste (dulce de leche) and the fresh coconut chips and with a spatula just folder.
  • Additional Information

    I just made it and with coconut water, but you also might to use half and half water and coconut milk, or light coconut milk.

    Very simple, but really delicious. ENJOY the jungle flavour :p)

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